Abandoned Coast

Adventure Log: 6/15/2008

adventure log

Session began with Kayless, Dafydd and Vyrdaan arriving in Southport by boat.  Kayless gathered information from the city and determined that their entrance was not particularly noticed, and the other two found an Inn for the evening.

Atticus and Ravalos are introduced living and studying with the crazed archmage Helstaf “The Mad”.  Atticus is his caretaker and is studying ways of curing him of his madness.  Ravalos guards the area in exchange for opportunities to read Helstaf's arcane materials.

Dafydd and Vyrdaan are unable to find work or any form of proper permanent housing within the economically depressed Southport.  Vyrdaan decides to find and meet with an old acquaintance (Helstaf by coincidence) to seek assistance.  Kayless determines that Helstaf lives somewhere in the woods to the north of the town, and that an Eladrin ranger has been seen living in that area as well.  They decide to find the Eladrin first and are able to get vague directions from a farm outside of Southport.

The 3 of them eventually find Ravalos in the forest and are able to convince him to lead them to Helstaf.  They arrive at Helstaf’s cave at the exact same moment that ambushers were about to attack Atticus.  The five move quickly and kill most of the invaders except for a human who escaped, and another human who they capture and interrogate.  An investigation of the bodies shows that two of the raiders (a goblin and a gnome) had upside down triangles burned into their upper arms.  Some gold and a flask of healing draught was also found on the bodies.

Interrogation of the human told them that he and the other humans had been hired by the gnome and goblin at a bar back in Southport called the Broken Mast.  He said that the gnome wanted their help retrieving a map/manuscript that his master needed.  The human was set free afterwards.

Vrydaan meets with Helstaf but is mistaken for being his father and learns little from the mad wizard.  Before he leaves Helstaf gives a piece of parchment to Atticus.  The group of five discuss the day’s happenings and come to a few conclusions.  Vyrdaan is able to remember a bit of folklore about the triangle markings that they are used by evil Fey creatures to mark their minions.  Atticus shows everyone the piece of manuscript that Helstaf gave him, it is a star chart.  He was able to determine that the writing on the page is a form of Draconic but it is too old for Vyrdaan to be able to translate it.  The group decides to head into Southport and to go to the Broken Mast to look for answers as they have a feeling the source of the ambush may send more men later.

In the morning Ravalos tries tracking the path taken by the fleeing humans, but quickly finds that they were running back to Southport.  The group travels there.  Inside the Broken Mast Kayless speaks to the bartender about the triangle marks.  The bartender reveals that he himself is marked, and that the group who does the marking are slavers who work out of the marshes to the south.  He says that the best way to find them would be to speak to the tribe of lizardmen local to the area, the Fire Keepers.

The group rents a couple of row boats and heads off into the marsh.  They travel for a few hours before encountering a couple of lizardmen who ask if they want to trade.  Asking for information the lizardmen take them to their village to speak with their leader.  A long negotiation follows and the group is barely able to convince the leader to tell them about the group of slavers related to the triangle tattoo.  Vyrdaan attempts to show the tribe the bit of text written on the star chart from Helstaf, but the lizardman leader becomes agitated and won’t speak of it any more.  Instead he has a few of his warriors lead the group to what they call “the Dark Place” in the swamp.

Party Inventory:

32 gold, 7 silver

Healing potion (in a clay flask)

Party Experience:




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