Abandoned Coast

Adventure Log: 7/6/2008

adventure log


The session began with the party travelling downriver with a lizardman guide. They were in search of the “Dark Place in the Forest” to find and eliminate a new ally of the Flesh Eater tribe of lizardmen. The two rowboats rented from Southport served to hold the 5 of them, in addition to their lizardman guide Balnar.

The trip was uneventful until they approached a small clearing in the woods with a short stone wall to the north. Ravalos heard something from the boat in front and the party sensed something was wrong. Before anyone could act a crossbow bolt struck Balnar in the throat killing him almost instantly, and as he fell into the water goblins began appearing in the woods.

Dafydd and Vyrdaan headed to the north shore to take care of the goblins there while Kayless vacated their boat and headed to the south. Ravalos and Atticus tried to run their boat ashore in the reeds to keep it from floating downriver, but ran into difficulties as something large under the water began to smash their boat apart. The bottom began to become misshapen and it began taking on water. Quickly abandoning the poor row boat the two adventurers quickly saw the problem to be a pair of giant crocodiles intent on eating them.

Goblins were quickly dispatched on both shorelines but the crocodiles proved to be much tougher opponents. The battle dragged out with a few of the party becoming seriously wounded but after one crocodile was defeated and the other began to flee it was obvious they would prevail. Wet, tired and slightly worse for wear the group decided to follow the trail of their ambushers for a while away from the battle to find a place to rest. Kayless and Ravalos soon led them to a man made wagon trail with recently used ruts that was easy to follow. Settling on an area to camp near a felled tree they decided to catch some sleep and pursue the trail in the morning.

In the morning they trek along the trail for a while until someone spots smoke in the distance. Kayless and Ravalos move ahead to scout from the underbrush. The come upon a camp of several goblins and some lizardmen around a campfire cooking something. A pair of goblins flanks a doorway on a stone wall which contains some stairs leading downwards. Realizing that the ruffians are sitting on top of a ruin that is actually the second story of a sunken building Ravalos decides to go back to the party and inform them that they have possibly found a large warren of goblins. Kayless remains near the encampment and circles around towards the doorway to get a clear shot at the goblins if the opportunity arises.

Back with the party Ravalos explains what he has seen. The group decides to split with Vyrdaan and Dafydd approaching from the wagon trail southeast of the camp, and Atticus and Ravalos attacking from the trees to the south. Vyrdaan makes himself painfully obvious as a trips and falls over a tree root, but Kayless is able to dispatch with a goblin before they become aware of everyone. The party makes quick work of the villains and is even able to capture one of the goblins alive and interrogate it.

They gain little useful information from the dirty thing and are only able to determine that the tattoo of the upside down triangle (which all the goblins have, and not the lizardmen) is a mark of ownership of some lady who owns all of the goblins. The goblin also shows no love for his lizardmen companions and complains about being forced to work with them. The party ties the goblin to a nearby tree and disposes of the rest of the bodies before preparing to move underground.

Descending below they are quickly covered in darkness and are forced to use torch and magical lights. The first room has four columns surrounding a strange patch of marble flooring in the middle of the area. Ravalos gingerly touches the patch of floor with his foot and says that if feels “wobbly”. Not wanting to push their luck the party avoids it and heads off to the west. At the end of a few hallways the find three doors. Behind one door is a storeroom filled with rotten meat and stale bread with little else of interest. To the north they hear some moaning and a fire crackling behind a door, so they peek inside to see a few goblins milling around some strange equipment. Kayless tries to sneak in and dispatch of them but several other goblins and a large lizardman quickly yell out and jump into battle.

Much hardier opponents than the ones that they faced above ground the party is attacked by several goblins wielding swords, wielding crossbows, and the scarred lizardmen wields a pair of glowing hot pokers with cruel efficiency. Not long after the clang of weapons and the yelling of the lizardmen more goblins approach from outside of the room to help their comrades. Atticus thinks quickly and summons a ball of flame to deter them from moving into the room. The party is able to dispatch with the goblins and the lizardman inside of the room, and then moves into the hall way to get rid of the extras that had show up.

The room turns out to be a torture chamber of horrors with a rake, iron maiden, a steel cage, and other implements of pain strewn about. Down a thin hallway aside from the room are three caged doors protecting several prison cells. One of them is empty, another holds a fresh corpse clad in a set of fancy inlaid scale armor, and the third holds a tortured and scarred human. Closer examination of the human reveals he is one of the men who had attacked Helstaf’s cavern home. After administering some first aid they interrogate him briefly, but learn little of value. Atticus murders him with a burst of flame from his hands as the party walks away.

Examination of the armor by Vyrdaan and Atticus reveals that it is over 100 years old. Typically this type of armor is worn by the scions of a certain house of dragonborn, and Atticus quickly determines that it is magical. While the party searched the rest of the torture area Kayless was busy trying to unlock a set of double doors back in the hallway. Unluckily he jams the locks and asks Dafydd and Vyrdaan to force the doors down. Standing together in front of it they kick simultaneously and the doors splinter and burst inwards. The room beyond appears to be a makeshift mess hall and the party can hear the clatter of silverware hitting the floor as more goblins are startled by their sudden entrance.

Moving forward quickly the adventurers corner several of the goblins into the small room next to some large curtains and begin to dispatch them. Not realizing the numbers they were up against many more goblins begin to flood out from behind the curtains. Atticus rains fire down on them over and over again and more goblin bodies begin to pile up, dead from blade wounds or charred from fire. A sinister looking goblin joins the battle after a time. He is wielding a red colored cudgel and his armor seemed to blur at edges of anyone’s vision as they looked at him.

The battle quickly goes sour for the goblins however as even the fiendish horned one is unable to slow the party down for long. Dispatching the last of the lackeys the group notices that the horned goblin was able to duck behind a curtained area in one of the dormitory rooms. Hearing a grating sound they quickly pursue him through a small tunnel behind a secret door. The goblin continues to evade capture and opens yet another strange door to a larger hallway and begins to run again. Vyrdaan and Dafydd corner him and quickly dispatch him with mighty swings of their weapons.

Down the new hallway they hear the sounds of movement and manual labor. Kayless peaks around the corner and sees several more goblins working on and around raised platforms connected by planks of wood lying on top of them. Wanting a chance to rest the party decides to close up the secret doors and retreat back to the dormitory and mess hall to hide them. An inventory of the goblin corpses turned up some gold, a chest in the room held a large amount of gold, and the ugly goblin with the horns had a strange tattoo on his arm opposite the triangle they had seen so much. Atticus believed it was the sign of the great devil Asmodeus, which did not bode well for the party. Ravalos examined the strange armor the goblin was wearing and was able to determine it possessed magical properties. He quickly removed it and replaced his own armor with it.

Not sure how much longer they would have before being discovered they hid the bodies as well as they could and sat to rest while they discussed how best to approach the goblins in the platform room.

Party Treasure

  • 655 gold
  • 20 silver
  • +1 Battleforged Scale Armor [Vyrdaan]
  • +1 Sylvan Leather Armor [Kayless]

Party Inventory Used

  • 1 day rations
  • 1 healing potion

Party Experience




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