Abandoned Coast

Adventure Log: 8/24/2008


After waking from our rest inside of the concealed room we quickly discover a pair of lizardmen milling around just outside. We quickly engage them and are able to slay one and interrogate the other. He tells us that he is part of the Alligator Tribe of lizardmen who follow Zah’at. His companion was part of the Spider Tribe who follow the brother Jah’at. His name is Hroram. We believe it might be possible for us to persuade the Alligator Tribe to desert this area and leave us with fewer troubles.

We move down the stairs taking Hroram with us. The doorway opens into a room with several lizardmen who immediately accost us asking what we’re doing down here. Hroram yells to a few of the lizardmen to untie him so we move to eliminate the Spider Tribe members in the area. While the battle rages on we see a pit in a room to the north with a large fence covering the top of it. Rustling and loud clanking noise sound from it while we finish the rest of the Spider Tribe. When the battle is finished Hroram and the other lizardmen left (who we assume are from the Alligator Tribe) ask for our help in stacking crates on top of the pit. Apparently the Spider Tribe kept a giant spider trapped underground here for some reason, so we don’t argue and quickly stack boxes.

Hroram leads us on to the main area that the Alligator live in underground here. Zah’at takes some convincing but we are eventually able to win him over and convince him to leave the area with the entirety of the Alligator Tribe, sparing us a lot of needless killing. A messhall and bunk area not far from here holds another group of Spider and we slay them all without much effort. On the body of a spellcasting lizardman we find a small onyx statue in the shape of a dragon. Vyrdaan believes the lizardmen may be worshipping the idea of a dragon god, or perhaps even a true dragon. We finally stumble upon Jah’at in a room covered in blood with several corpses strewn about on tables as the victims of grisly experiments. A few zombies mill about the room with him.

Moving in slowly we try to negotiate or reason with him, but Jah’at ignores any talk and orders his zombies to attack. Grimly we face the undead and destroy them in showers of gore. Jah’at falls without telling us anything useful and we retreat to rest in the abandoned area that the Alligator left. A hidden portcullis lowers to seal the entire area off and we are able to sleep undisturbed.

Party Treasure

  • 30g
  • Onyx figurine of a dragon
  • Gold statue of a dragon
  • Orange stone necklace, on a silver chain – +1 Safewing Amulet [Vyrdaan]
  • Curved dagger – +Arcana skill when performing Necrotic rituals [Atticus]

Party Inventory Used

  • 1 day rations [all]

Party Experience




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