Abandoned Coast

Adventure Log: 9/7/2008


We open the door to the south of Jah’at’s room and find another small group of zombies. We eliminate them quickly, and find a small black gem in the chest of one of the bodies and pocket it.

Moving on to a door in the east part of the room we open it to find a lizardman in the far end of a very large room. In the center is a wierd wooden platform hooked to 4 chains at its corners and held slightly off the ground. In the corner are several crates. We move to immediately attack the lizardman at Vyrdaan’s advice, but only barely singe him before he leaps onto the platform and drops himself down the hole. Glancing over the edge we see his broken body lying in a pile of wood from the now destroyed platform. Several Lizardmen yell and mill around in the hole below us.

We glance around the room quickly but find nothing of interest. Ravalos stands over the hole and keeps an eye on a pair of lizardmen who are holding stoneworking tools next to a strange statue. Kayless scouts ahead of us down a winding flight of stairs in a door to the north, and runs into a pair of lizardmen moving slowly up to our room. He backtracks and we wait to ambush them in the upper room. The throw open the door in front of us and we quickly engage them and dispatch them.

As we move along down the stairs we notice grooves carved into the wall. They seem familiar to what we saw in Allieal’s chamber in the upper floor. Opening the door and moving ahead we come into a room with large flagstones beneath us. A pair of lizardmen drop their stoneworking tools and run away quickly. They were standing in front of a crudely carved statue made of granite in the shape of a dragon similar to figurines we had found earlier. We follow behind them quickly but they outpace us.

To the north is a stone archway that we travel through into another room with flagstones on the floor, but looks to have not been totally cleared and there is dirt surrounding us. Smaller tunnels branch off to the north and east; the northern tunnel also splits left and right. We head to the east when we notice another zombie with a gem in its chest. We quickly kill it. The tunnel curves up to the north and we slay another zombie on our way through. Another branch goes to the east as the tunnel itself continues to the north. A gem chested zombie is further along the east tunnel, but Ravalos hears voices from the tunnel as it goes to the north. A split goes to the south (where the voices were coming from), but the northern room leads into another cleared area but it is very pitch dark in there.

Weaving through the tunnels we find more and more zombies, but stumble upon a strange goblin muttering to himself. He holds a dead rat in one hand, and the left side of his body and face looks to have rotted and died…it crumbles when touched. We interrogate him for several minutes and discover that he was tortured by Armenthias, who betrayed his “lady”. The lady’s name is Shurot. He gives hints that Armethias is to the north, so we move to the room that the tunnel came into that had the finished floor. Atticus tosses a stone enchanted with magical light into the room and it shows a pair of zombies milling around in front of a pentagram drawn in blood with a body lying on the floor. The body has a hole in its chest, but no gem in it. The pair of zombies have gems but they aren’t glowing yet. There is also a large bag of gems similar to what we have found in the room.

Vyrdaan and Dafydd move forward to the north and hear a very disturbing pair of voices speaking, so terrifying that Vyrdaan is shaken for a while. Not seeming to be an immediate threat we examine the rest of the room. A chest and a pair of bookshelves full of books on the Shadowfell. Kayless was unable to open the chest using his thieves’ tools.

We decide to move into the room where we hear the voice. A voice from the darkness calls us thieves and begins to taunt us. Eventually we tire of chasing it in the dark and all light sunrods to pin down the being. We find Armentheus, a black dragon. A grueling fight insues with us suffering breath attacks of acid, fields of magical darkness, and tooth and claw hurting us. We finally defeat the dragon and remove one of its claws for later.

We head back to the room that housed Aliel, and after a brief discussion with him Atticus scratches the dragon’s claw across the outermost circle and part of Aliel’s cage is removed. He believes the next part of the key lies in his old home to the east. With this small bit of information we hastily exit the caves tired of being underground for several days.

Party Treasure

  • 5x dull Black Gem from the chest of a Zombie
  • bag of gems similiar to above
  • necklace of adamantine
  • everyone receives an item of level 2-4 from the chest [TBD]

Party Inventory Used

  • 1 day rations [all]

Party Experience




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