Abandoned Coast

Adventure Log: 9/7/2008


We open the door to the south of Jah’at’s room and find another small group of zombies. We eliminate them quickly, and find a small black gem in the chest of one of the bodies and pocket it.

Moving on to a door in the east part of the room we open it to find a lizardman in the far end of a very large room. In the center is a wierd wooden platform hooked to 4 chains at its corners and held slightly off the ground. In the corner are several crates. We move to immediately attack the lizardman at Vyrdaan’s advice, but only barely singe him before he leaps onto the platform and drops himself down the hole. Glancing over the edge we see his broken body lying in a pile of wood from the now destroyed platform. Several Lizardmen yell and mill around in the hole below us.

We glance around the room quickly but find nothing of interest. Ravalos stands over the hole and keeps an eye on a pair of lizardmen who are holding stoneworking tools next to a strange statue. Kayless scouts ahead of us down a winding flight of stairs in a door to the north, and runs into a pair of lizardmen moving slowly up to our room. He backtracks and we wait to ambush them in the upper room. The throw open the door in front of us and we quickly engage them and dispatch them.

As we move along down the stairs we notice grooves carved into the wall. They seem familiar to what we saw in Allieal’s chamber in the upper floor. Opening the door and moving ahead we come into a room with large flagstones beneath us. A pair of lizardmen drop their stoneworking tools and run away quickly. They were standing in front of a crudely carved statue made of granite in the shape of a dragon similar to figurines we had found earlier. We follow behind them quickly but they outpace us.

To the north is a stone archway that we travel through into another room with flagstones on the floor, but looks to have not been totally cleared and there is dirt surrounding us. Smaller tunnels branch off to the north and east; the northern tunnel also splits left and right. We head to the east when we notice another zombie with a gem in its chest. We quickly kill it. The tunnel curves up to the north and we slay another zombie on our way through. Another branch goes to the east as the tunnel itself continues to the north. A gem chested zombie is further along the east tunnel, but Ravalos hears voices from the tunnel as it goes to the north. A split goes to the south (where the voices were coming from), but the northern room leads into another cleared area but it is very pitch dark in there.

Weaving through the tunnels we find more and more zombies, but stumble upon a strange goblin muttering to himself. He holds a dead rat in one hand, and the left side of his body and face looks to have rotted and died…it crumbles when touched. We interrogate him for several minutes and discover that he was tortured by Armenthias, who betrayed his “lady”. The lady’s name is Shurot. He gives hints that Armethias is to the north, so we move to the room that the tunnel came into that had the finished floor. Atticus tosses a stone enchanted with magical light into the room and it shows a pair of zombies milling around in front of a pentagram drawn in blood with a body lying on the floor. The body has a hole in its chest, but no gem in it. The pair of zombies have gems but they aren’t glowing yet. There is also a large bag of gems similar to what we have found in the room.

Vyrdaan and Dafydd move forward to the north and hear a very disturbing pair of voices speaking, so terrifying that Vyrdaan is shaken for a while. Not seeming to be an immediate threat we examine the rest of the room. A chest and a pair of bookshelves full of books on the Shadowfell. Kayless was unable to open the chest using his thieves’ tools.

We decide to move into the room where we hear the voice. A voice from the darkness calls us thieves and begins to taunt us. Eventually we tire of chasing it in the dark and all light sunrods to pin down the being. We find Armentheus, a black dragon. A grueling fight insues with us suffering breath attacks of acid, fields of magical darkness, and tooth and claw hurting us. We finally defeat the dragon and remove one of its claws for later.

We head back to the room that housed Aliel, and after a brief discussion with him Atticus scratches the dragon’s claw across the outermost circle and part of Aliel’s cage is removed. He believes the next part of the key lies in his old home to the east. With this small bit of information we hastily exit the caves tired of being underground for several days.

Party Treasure

  • 5x dull Black Gem from the chest of a Zombie
  • bag of gems similiar to above
  • necklace of adamantine
  • everyone receives an item of level 2-4 from the chest [TBD]

Party Inventory Used

  • 1 day rations [all]

Party Experience


Adventure Log: 8/24/2008


After waking from our rest inside of the concealed room we quickly discover a pair of lizardmen milling around just outside. We quickly engage them and are able to slay one and interrogate the other. He tells us that he is part of the Alligator Tribe of lizardmen who follow Zah’at. His companion was part of the Spider Tribe who follow the brother Jah’at. His name is Hroram. We believe it might be possible for us to persuade the Alligator Tribe to desert this area and leave us with fewer troubles.

We move down the stairs taking Hroram with us. The doorway opens into a room with several lizardmen who immediately accost us asking what we’re doing down here. Hroram yells to a few of the lizardmen to untie him so we move to eliminate the Spider Tribe members in the area. While the battle rages on we see a pit in a room to the north with a large fence covering the top of it. Rustling and loud clanking noise sound from it while we finish the rest of the Spider Tribe. When the battle is finished Hroram and the other lizardmen left (who we assume are from the Alligator Tribe) ask for our help in stacking crates on top of the pit. Apparently the Spider Tribe kept a giant spider trapped underground here for some reason, so we don’t argue and quickly stack boxes.

Hroram leads us on to the main area that the Alligator live in underground here. Zah’at takes some convincing but we are eventually able to win him over and convince him to leave the area with the entirety of the Alligator Tribe, sparing us a lot of needless killing. A messhall and bunk area not far from here holds another group of Spider and we slay them all without much effort. On the body of a spellcasting lizardman we find a small onyx statue in the shape of a dragon. Vyrdaan believes the lizardmen may be worshipping the idea of a dragon god, or perhaps even a true dragon. We finally stumble upon Jah’at in a room covered in blood with several corpses strewn about on tables as the victims of grisly experiments. A few zombies mill about the room with him.

Moving in slowly we try to negotiate or reason with him, but Jah’at ignores any talk and orders his zombies to attack. Grimly we face the undead and destroy them in showers of gore. Jah’at falls without telling us anything useful and we retreat to rest in the abandoned area that the Alligator left. A hidden portcullis lowers to seal the entire area off and we are able to sleep undisturbed.

Party Treasure

  • 30g
  • Onyx figurine of a dragon
  • Gold statue of a dragon
  • Orange stone necklace, on a silver chain – +1 Safewing Amulet [Vyrdaan]
  • Curved dagger – +Arcana skill when performing Necrotic rituals [Atticus]

Party Inventory Used

  • 1 day rations [all]

Party Experience


Adventure Log: 7/20/2008
adventure log


This session began with the party in the rooms belonging to the demonic goblin. After some discussion we sent Ravalos and Kayless ahead to scout the remaining two hallways we hadn’t yet seen. They find another storeroom and a few beds, along with a locked door to the southwest. In addition to the larger door that was chained shut this left two areas sealed to us and unexplored.

However we thought it might be smarter to eliminate the goblins we had seen excavating the room off to our east so they wouldn’t surprise us later. Kayless attempts to sneak up on a drake and ambush it before any of them noticed us but failed, and we all joined the battle. We eliminated them with relative ease but suffered a few bruises from falling off the raised platforms. The goblin that seemed to be supervising the dig had some scraps of paper left on his body, but he was so badly burned in the fight that they were useless. Atticus found a wand covered in arcane runes sticking out of some dirt in a wheelbarrow and pocketed it.

Kayless listens to the chained door for some time and doesn’t hear anything but the party decides it would be smarter for us to rest in the hidden hallway while we have the chance. Ravalos wakes up in the evening to the sounds of furniture breaking and beings running around in the room to the north of us. We are never discovered though and Kayless is able to scout through the door to the south and see a group of about 5 goblins roaming the tunnels. We finish resting and scout around a bit. Two goblins have been placed as guards at the entrance stairway and there is light coming out of the storeroom that was empty previously. We instead proceed through the chained door.

Past the door is a large rough hewn room full of stalactites and other rubble that make for some difficulty in walking. Ravalos and Kayless are slightly separated from the party and are almost swarmed by giant rats that begin to flood out from the ceiling. Ravalos recognizes that these rats like to isolate and kill lone prey so the party gathers together in a tight group and we continue exploring without incident from the rats. Moving along we find another door on a western facing wall that has a note attached to it. Written in goblin is the phrase, “Danger, Do Not Enter.” We avoid it for now and continue exploring.

In one tunnel to the south there is a small pit about 10 feet deep, we can see a goblin corpse at the bottom of it. Ravalos hops down and examines the body. Finding the desiccated husk of an insect underneath the body (which he recognizes as a Kruthik) and noticing small tunnels at the bottom of the pit he quickly loots the corpse and jumps out of the hole. We continue exploring despite the danger of Kruthik burrowing out from the walls around us. Several times we come upon strange sections of flooring that look similar to what we saw at the entrance to the underground here, and we avoid them.

Eventually we come to a large chamber and stumble upon a hostile group of the insects we suspected we may run into. The ensuing battle was difficult and Ravalos almost died, but we eventually killed all of the bugs. Having come to a dead end now we returned to the door with the ominous note. In the corner, however, we find a few things of worth, notably some gold and a bag full of amethysts. Feeling foolish we decided to go inside anyway, and slowly creep into the room beyond. Inside there was a large pool of murky water surrounding a small island in the middle. We could see a pile of humanoid bones laying there with a bag, a shield with a red fist emblazoned on it and other objects strewn about near it. Not trusting the water we convince Atticus to use his magic to summon a ghostly hand to retrieve some of the items.

He floats the shield across the water and hands it to Kayless, and is in the process of grabbing a scroll of paper when we begin to notice movement in the water. Taking a few steps back we watch as water begins to bubble and churn and a wretched smelling gas permeates the air and several of us are nauseated. Slowly a large mass of blue slime emerges from the water and begins to float towards us. Dafydd leaps nimbly across the water and grabs up the other scroll on the ground along with a silver tube. Sloshing through the water on his way back he is able to make it to the doorway without being attacked. Atticus is the last the leave the room and is able to nab a purse full of platinum before we shut the door.

The first note is written in Draconic and is addressed to someone named Armethieus. Written as a greeting from one Holy Abrukik the III, the note talks about ignoring some sort of slight about not giving a tithe to the Bloodfire empire for moving into the area. The second letter is written in goblin and is addressed to Mr. Krush. It says: “Be wary of some reptile who is bound to another, but it is here by his own free will. Use this creature to defend yourself, but don’t get it wet until you are prepared to flee.” Both notes are signed from Granish Yung.

A bit of discussion and we determine that Mr. Krush is likely the corpse we found, the slime was once small and fit into the silver tube, and the other note was possibly intended for an individual who is in some way involved with a woman (who may be the one we seek). Next we move to eliminate the goblins set up in positions near the entrance. A few extra reinforcements arrive that we didn’t anticipate, but we quickly eliminate them all and toss them down the pit hidden by the strange floor in the entrance room.

We pass the doorway in the southwest into a very dark area. Kayless and Ravalos scout ahead discovering a room full of zombies. Avoiding them they find several runes drawn on the floor with dark chalk. Atticus believes them to be runes of warding that we should avoid stepping on. Ravalos leaps over the runes to scout further to the north and finds more zombies. The last room we find is empty but has a strange white marble wall within it covered by a false veneer. Unable to read the runes on the wall we decide to ambush the zombies in the south room and investigate there.

Bodies burn and corpse bits fly as we obliterate the zombies easily. We are annoyed to see that the zombies from the north are shambling down towards us, but the close quarters in the hallways makes it easy for us to chop them to bits. The southern room has a strange mechanical door that is locked by a bar shoved into the gearworks, and in the north is another locked door down some stairs. Ravalos had found a stone depressed in the wall which we have Kayless push to reveal a stone wall that opens into a dusty room. Inside are some moldy weapon racks and a ancient wooden bench. Upon us entering the room a ghostly apparition of a Tiefling appears and asks: “Are you worthy?” Responding yes, he then presents us with a riddle. “My bond is tight, My tears are pain, My color is bright, I boil and I drain. What am I?” Vyrdaan quickly answers “blood”, and the apparition nods and disappears leaving a dark colored sword on the weapon rack. Ravalos picks it up and we head back to the empty room with the runes on the wall where Atticus has finished performing a ritual to read languages.

He has discovered that the writings on the wall are praises to Bael Turath, an ancient Tiefling empire. He was also able to translate the star chart, which read: “When dragon and lion meet, worlds flow as water.” Helstaf’s note in the margin said, “Ill tidings, came through? again soon” With little else to do in the area we head back to the geared doorway.

Opening the mechanical door we find a hallway with white marble walls and smooth red marble floors. Going along the middle of the hallway is a line of glowing runes, and the walls are flanked by several sarcophagi. Stonework archways depict people in various stages of torture. Moving along down the hallway we see a circle of runes with black stone altars to the north and south. There is also a door to the east, but we don’t have time to examine it before some unseen trigger occurs and skeletons leap forth from the sarcophagi.

The coming battle is grueling as skeletons continue to jump out from their tombs over and over again. Bleeding and desperate Atticus and Kayless run to the separate altars and at Vyrdaan’s urging they sprinkle blood into the depressions in the middle. The skeletons immediately stop attacking us and we have time to take a breather. Dafydd discovers a frost covered glaive among a pile of bones near one of the altars, and then we peek behind the doorway to the east.

Inside this room we see a slightly raised dias encased in several large circles of runes. A ghostly apparition paces on the dias, floating slightly off the ground. He declares himself to be Aliel Banor trapped here centuries ago by his cousin Raba Baat. He’s been trapped here so long that he thinks that Bael Turath still rules the world. After some arguing over whether we should free him we realize that the requirement to open the first rune circle (a dragon’s claw) would be nigh impossible for us to get at this time. Unable to help the spirit we leave the area and return to the room with the weapon racks inside and seal ourselves up for a long rest before pressing on.

Party Treasure

  • 100 gold
  • 10 platinum
  • 5 amethysts (appraised at 50g each)
  • +1 Wand [Atticus]
  • Heavy Shield of Protection (level 3) [Dafydd]
  • +1 Vicious Longsword [Ravalos]
  • +1 Frost Glaive [Dafydd]
  • 2 healing potions [Ravalos, Kayless]

Party Inventory Used

  • 1 day rations [all]
  • 1 healing potion [Ravalos]

Party Experience


Adventure Log: 7/6/2008
adventure log


The session began with the party travelling downriver with a lizardman guide. They were in search of the “Dark Place in the Forest” to find and eliminate a new ally of the Flesh Eater tribe of lizardmen. The two rowboats rented from Southport served to hold the 5 of them, in addition to their lizardman guide Balnar.

The trip was uneventful until they approached a small clearing in the woods with a short stone wall to the north. Ravalos heard something from the boat in front and the party sensed something was wrong. Before anyone could act a crossbow bolt struck Balnar in the throat killing him almost instantly, and as he fell into the water goblins began appearing in the woods.

Dafydd and Vyrdaan headed to the north shore to take care of the goblins there while Kayless vacated their boat and headed to the south. Ravalos and Atticus tried to run their boat ashore in the reeds to keep it from floating downriver, but ran into difficulties as something large under the water began to smash their boat apart. The bottom began to become misshapen and it began taking on water. Quickly abandoning the poor row boat the two adventurers quickly saw the problem to be a pair of giant crocodiles intent on eating them.

Goblins were quickly dispatched on both shorelines but the crocodiles proved to be much tougher opponents. The battle dragged out with a few of the party becoming seriously wounded but after one crocodile was defeated and the other began to flee it was obvious they would prevail. Wet, tired and slightly worse for wear the group decided to follow the trail of their ambushers for a while away from the battle to find a place to rest. Kayless and Ravalos soon led them to a man made wagon trail with recently used ruts that was easy to follow. Settling on an area to camp near a felled tree they decided to catch some sleep and pursue the trail in the morning.

In the morning they trek along the trail for a while until someone spots smoke in the distance. Kayless and Ravalos move ahead to scout from the underbrush. The come upon a camp of several goblins and some lizardmen around a campfire cooking something. A pair of goblins flanks a doorway on a stone wall which contains some stairs leading downwards. Realizing that the ruffians are sitting on top of a ruin that is actually the second story of a sunken building Ravalos decides to go back to the party and inform them that they have possibly found a large warren of goblins. Kayless remains near the encampment and circles around towards the doorway to get a clear shot at the goblins if the opportunity arises.

Back with the party Ravalos explains what he has seen. The group decides to split with Vyrdaan and Dafydd approaching from the wagon trail southeast of the camp, and Atticus and Ravalos attacking from the trees to the south. Vyrdaan makes himself painfully obvious as a trips and falls over a tree root, but Kayless is able to dispatch with a goblin before they become aware of everyone. The party makes quick work of the villains and is even able to capture one of the goblins alive and interrogate it.

They gain little useful information from the dirty thing and are only able to determine that the tattoo of the upside down triangle (which all the goblins have, and not the lizardmen) is a mark of ownership of some lady who owns all of the goblins. The goblin also shows no love for his lizardmen companions and complains about being forced to work with them. The party ties the goblin to a nearby tree and disposes of the rest of the bodies before preparing to move underground.

Descending below they are quickly covered in darkness and are forced to use torch and magical lights. The first room has four columns surrounding a strange patch of marble flooring in the middle of the area. Ravalos gingerly touches the patch of floor with his foot and says that if feels “wobbly”. Not wanting to push their luck the party avoids it and heads off to the west. At the end of a few hallways the find three doors. Behind one door is a storeroom filled with rotten meat and stale bread with little else of interest. To the north they hear some moaning and a fire crackling behind a door, so they peek inside to see a few goblins milling around some strange equipment. Kayless tries to sneak in and dispatch of them but several other goblins and a large lizardman quickly yell out and jump into battle.

Much hardier opponents than the ones that they faced above ground the party is attacked by several goblins wielding swords, wielding crossbows, and the scarred lizardmen wields a pair of glowing hot pokers with cruel efficiency. Not long after the clang of weapons and the yelling of the lizardmen more goblins approach from outside of the room to help their comrades. Atticus thinks quickly and summons a ball of flame to deter them from moving into the room. The party is able to dispatch with the goblins and the lizardman inside of the room, and then moves into the hall way to get rid of the extras that had show up.

The room turns out to be a torture chamber of horrors with a rake, iron maiden, a steel cage, and other implements of pain strewn about. Down a thin hallway aside from the room are three caged doors protecting several prison cells. One of them is empty, another holds a fresh corpse clad in a set of fancy inlaid scale armor, and the third holds a tortured and scarred human. Closer examination of the human reveals he is one of the men who had attacked Helstaf’s cavern home. After administering some first aid they interrogate him briefly, but learn little of value. Atticus murders him with a burst of flame from his hands as the party walks away.

Examination of the armor by Vyrdaan and Atticus reveals that it is over 100 years old. Typically this type of armor is worn by the scions of a certain house of dragonborn, and Atticus quickly determines that it is magical. While the party searched the rest of the torture area Kayless was busy trying to unlock a set of double doors back in the hallway. Unluckily he jams the locks and asks Dafydd and Vyrdaan to force the doors down. Standing together in front of it they kick simultaneously and the doors splinter and burst inwards. The room beyond appears to be a makeshift mess hall and the party can hear the clatter of silverware hitting the floor as more goblins are startled by their sudden entrance.

Moving forward quickly the adventurers corner several of the goblins into the small room next to some large curtains and begin to dispatch them. Not realizing the numbers they were up against many more goblins begin to flood out from behind the curtains. Atticus rains fire down on them over and over again and more goblin bodies begin to pile up, dead from blade wounds or charred from fire. A sinister looking goblin joins the battle after a time. He is wielding a red colored cudgel and his armor seemed to blur at edges of anyone’s vision as they looked at him.

The battle quickly goes sour for the goblins however as even the fiendish horned one is unable to slow the party down for long. Dispatching the last of the lackeys the group notices that the horned goblin was able to duck behind a curtained area in one of the dormitory rooms. Hearing a grating sound they quickly pursue him through a small tunnel behind a secret door. The goblin continues to evade capture and opens yet another strange door to a larger hallway and begins to run again. Vyrdaan and Dafydd corner him and quickly dispatch him with mighty swings of their weapons.

Down the new hallway they hear the sounds of movement and manual labor. Kayless peaks around the corner and sees several more goblins working on and around raised platforms connected by planks of wood lying on top of them. Wanting a chance to rest the party decides to close up the secret doors and retreat back to the dormitory and mess hall to hide them. An inventory of the goblin corpses turned up some gold, a chest in the room held a large amount of gold, and the ugly goblin with the horns had a strange tattoo on his arm opposite the triangle they had seen so much. Atticus believed it was the sign of the great devil Asmodeus, which did not bode well for the party. Ravalos examined the strange armor the goblin was wearing and was able to determine it possessed magical properties. He quickly removed it and replaced his own armor with it.

Not sure how much longer they would have before being discovered they hid the bodies as well as they could and sat to rest while they discussed how best to approach the goblins in the platform room.

Party Treasure

  • 655 gold
  • 20 silver
  • +1 Battleforged Scale Armor [Vyrdaan]
  • +1 Sylvan Leather Armor [Kayless]

Party Inventory Used

  • 1 day rations
  • 1 healing potion

Party Experience


Adventure Log: 6/15/2008
adventure log

Session began with Kayless, Dafydd and Vyrdaan arriving in Southport by boat.  Kayless gathered information from the city and determined that their entrance was not particularly noticed, and the other two found an Inn for the evening.

Atticus and Ravalos are introduced living and studying with the crazed archmage Helstaf “The Mad”.  Atticus is his caretaker and is studying ways of curing him of his madness.  Ravalos guards the area in exchange for opportunities to read Helstaf's arcane materials.

Dafydd and Vyrdaan are unable to find work or any form of proper permanent housing within the economically depressed Southport.  Vyrdaan decides to find and meet with an old acquaintance (Helstaf by coincidence) to seek assistance.  Kayless determines that Helstaf lives somewhere in the woods to the north of the town, and that an Eladrin ranger has been seen living in that area as well.  They decide to find the Eladrin first and are able to get vague directions from a farm outside of Southport.

The 3 of them eventually find Ravalos in the forest and are able to convince him to lead them to Helstaf.  They arrive at Helstaf’s cave at the exact same moment that ambushers were about to attack Atticus.  The five move quickly and kill most of the invaders except for a human who escaped, and another human who they capture and interrogate.  An investigation of the bodies shows that two of the raiders (a goblin and a gnome) had upside down triangles burned into their upper arms.  Some gold and a flask of healing draught was also found on the bodies.

Interrogation of the human told them that he and the other humans had been hired by the gnome and goblin at a bar back in Southport called the Broken Mast.  He said that the gnome wanted their help retrieving a map/manuscript that his master needed.  The human was set free afterwards.

Vrydaan meets with Helstaf but is mistaken for being his father and learns little from the mad wizard.  Before he leaves Helstaf gives a piece of parchment to Atticus.  The group of five discuss the day’s happenings and come to a few conclusions.  Vyrdaan is able to remember a bit of folklore about the triangle markings that they are used by evil Fey creatures to mark their minions.  Atticus shows everyone the piece of manuscript that Helstaf gave him, it is a star chart.  He was able to determine that the writing on the page is a form of Draconic but it is too old for Vyrdaan to be able to translate it.  The group decides to head into Southport and to go to the Broken Mast to look for answers as they have a feeling the source of the ambush may send more men later.

In the morning Ravalos tries tracking the path taken by the fleeing humans, but quickly finds that they were running back to Southport.  The group travels there.  Inside the Broken Mast Kayless speaks to the bartender about the triangle marks.  The bartender reveals that he himself is marked, and that the group who does the marking are slavers who work out of the marshes to the south.  He says that the best way to find them would be to speak to the tribe of lizardmen local to the area, the Fire Keepers.

The group rents a couple of row boats and heads off into the marsh.  They travel for a few hours before encountering a couple of lizardmen who ask if they want to trade.  Asking for information the lizardmen take them to their village to speak with their leader.  A long negotiation follows and the group is barely able to convince the leader to tell them about the group of slavers related to the triangle tattoo.  Vyrdaan attempts to show the tribe the bit of text written on the star chart from Helstaf, but the lizardman leader becomes agitated and won’t speak of it any more.  Instead he has a few of his warriors lead the group to what they call “the Dark Place” in the swamp.

Party Inventory:

32 gold, 7 silver

Healing potion (in a clay flask)

Party Experience:


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