Ruined Keep

This keep is found 2 days travel into the Great Salt Marsh. It is also referred to as the “dark place in the swamp” by the Fire Keepers.

The keep itself is apparently a relic of much older days, although the upper levels have been lost and the lower floors sunken into the marsh. Part of the keep at least, dates from the time of Bael Turath and was owned by Aliel Banor’s cousin, Raba Baat.

The upper floors of the keep are in danger of collapse and need to shored up. The smell of mold and damp permeates these floors and the humid air muffles all sounds. These floors were home to goblins owned by She but they have been recently removed.

The keep also intersects with a natural cave of some sort which is home to many dangerous creatures.

Ruined Keep

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