Southport is the southern most civilized town on the Abandoned Coast. It is situated on the edge of the Great Salt Marsh and is on good terms with many lizardfolk tribes in the area.

Southport was once a much larger city but has seen steady population decline since solitude. The current population of the town is somewhere near 2000. The town is situated on part of a hill, with the town sloping down to the south. The northern part of town is where Lord Anseri lives, along with those who are well off. The town gets rougher and poorer the further south one goes.

An area of abandoned buildings surrounds the town, with many houses and other structures having either collapsed or been torn down. A new wall, mostly constructed from reused bricks and stones, was built around the occupied central area of town several decades ago.

Southport still has giant docks, which were once used by ocean going ships from Nerath. These seldom see ships now, however, with a smaller set of docks on the south end of town serving the coast runners that occasionally come in from Hope and other towns. Hobgoblin slavers are also occasionally known to come to Southport, trading goods for prisoners of war and criminals.

Southport is surrounded for a few miles to the north and northeast by hardy farmsteads. Most of these farms tend to be within a days walk of Southport. There is also a small wood known as Bole’s Wood to the northwest and craggy hills to the north along the Coast Road.


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